Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Amongst that whole, I followed, trying to reach and engaging with the nothingness. I was one and alone for the time being, could no longer grasp what was the meaning, if ever there was one. Emptiness filled up the soroundings, leaving a space full of it. Meandring through its home I could not see, nor feel, or even want. I was there, just.
Limbing through a maze of emptiness I held into the shapes of my shaddow and let it be still, for a moment. I wanted to get out, no power and will, nomore.
In search I carry on following.


tudo girou tao rapido que derrepnte parou,,,, Queria eu ser uma borboleta para com minha levesa presenciar tao caotica vida.
Tudo gira, passa, corre, e acaba.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Sonhos eroticos sao desejos profundos de um ser escondido e reprimido que grita por caridade e desejo de liberdade.


Somos escravos de nossos desejos,, desejos oprimidos e reprimidos pelos devaneos de uma vida pre definida,, uma vida q nao nos pertence e q nos e obrigada.


It was destroyed, all the maze blinded me for an instant but i could still make up the shapes of that moment that for a brief instant seemed to be like it was the answer for my search. a search that had been perciving me all along,
I felt cold. and incomplete, my striped body was revealing all the nakedness of my soul, a tired soul that felt the weight of the number of
trys that over time was imposed by me, along with all the burden that was obliged to me.
Hypocrise was the secret of a limited living, obliged to them all, willingly they followed, they marched and they did not get there,
dispointement was then evident.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The beauty of the difference was a mix of exoctic images that walked by my eyes.
That now and then dragged me along with them, not for its beauty but something
above explanation that was yet to be discovered.